The Importance of Water Proofing

Regularly we have friends and clients asking us why their bathrooms and wet areas are leaking through to the walls, floors and ceilings around them. 

Most often they haven't been adequately water proofed during construction by a licensed, experienced water proofer. Sometimes the membranes have been affected by surrounding elements and have developed pinprick holes where the water finds a way through. Other times the products used by non-professionals are not compatible or gets damaged by careless trades during construction and fit-out.

This sort of failure can cause extensive damage to your house and be an expensive exercise to rectify. 

So, how can you avoid it?

1. Make sure your renovation builder is qualified to water proof or uses a licensed contractor who will give you a Water Proofing Certificate at the end of the job. 

2. Ensure all products used are compatible with each other. Always ask the product supplier for advice and product information prior to starting a project and ensure adequate time is allowed for each layer of product to set and dry prior to completion.

3. Protect the membranes from damage during tiling and fit-out. Often trades forget about the membranes when attaching handrails, toilet roll holders and other accessories to the walls and floor and can easily cause a leak unintentionally. 

Don't risk it; use a licensed builder!